News Round Up

Helen Raleigh has an excellent piece at the Federalist about the coming expropriation without compensation in South Africa. If you are living under a rock like most of the world you will find it interesting. Essentially, the South African government is about to cause a major food crisis by taking farm land away from the white farmers who are skilled at agriculture and redistributing it in the name of "Social Justice". This is like a replay of Mugabe's failed land redistribution in Zimbabwe. 

Lydia Mcgrew finds another interesting Undesigned Coincidence in the Synpoptic gospels. You can read that article Here.

Interesting archaeological find about stone-age North Africa can be read Here. I found this quote to be particularly interesting: 

The findings offer new evidence of early contacts between North Africa and the Near East, and regions south of the Sahara Desert, thought to be a major barrier to migration.

Anyway, Its not my field, but I always find it interesting when a scientific theory says, "x couldn't have happened because of y" but then we find evidence that x did happen in spite of y.

William Valicella finds problems with William Mann's construal of Divine Simplicity Here. But be warned its heavy going philosophically!

The Alt-Right is discussed in an excellent essay over at First ThingsThe Anti-Christian Alt-Right

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